Mission and values


​Our vision

Believe in Yourself. Achieve your Best.

At Narangba Valley State School we strive to develop accountable, resilient 21st century citizens. With a focus on building positive relationships, we foster a culture that encourages and promotes high behavioural expectations. We empower individuals by strengthening their capacity to cope with adversity, take responsibility for their personal well-being and make positive life choices.

Narangba Valley State School values innovative and interactive pedagogy. Our students benefit from an engaging, well-paced, age appropriate curriculum that helps foster real-world connections. 

We utilise current and emerging technologies to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world so that students acquire the skills to be creative and critical thinkers.

At NVSS we empower staff to develop their expertise in order to provide a comprehensive, aligned and inclusive curriculum. Best practice is achieved through collaboration and sharing knowledge, skills and ideas. We are committed to ongoing communication, reflection and evaluation.

We work collaboratively with the community and external health professionals to deliver a holistic approach to support the diverse needs of our students, staff and parent/caregivers. This includes staff and student well-being and encompasses a range of targeted supports focused on positive learning outcomes.

Our school offers flexible and inclusive learning environments that positively engage a diverse community of learners. This promotes differentiated learning that fosters inclusive education and ensures every student succeeds.

The Valley Values​

​Our staff are committed to delivering a high quality education to every student, and believe all adults in the school community, whether visiting or working, should display the same Valley Value expectations in place for students. The following are the standards and expectations for students to meet, expectations for parents when visiting our school and the standards we commit to as staff. In following the Valley Values, members of our school community are committed to taking responsibility for their actions.​​

  1. ​​​Kindness is the quality of being friendly and generous. It is the act of being considerate, thoughtful and respe​​ctful towards everyone around you with the intention of uplifting others. We demonstrate kindness towards ourselves, other, th community and the environment around us without expecting anything in return.

  2. Resilience is the ability to have a go at hard things and overcome everyday challenges. Children have opportunities to build their confidence and learn how to deal with obstacles, disappointment and mistakes. 

  3. Doing your best is trying your har4dest to put in all the effort possible to achieve your goals and continue improving even when it is hard. 

  4.  Belonging is a felt sense of connection to a place and its people. We experience belonging when we feel welcome, secure, safe, supported, included and accepted for who we are. We make positive connections and have an identity as part of a group that we belong to. ​

Last reviewed 15 April 2024
Last updated 15 April 2024