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School mascot

The legend of Narangba Valley’s little green frog

It was 2004 and there was a lot of excitement as the new primary school, in the beautiful Narangba Valley, was being built.

However, there were many animals who were not happy with all the noise. The wallabies and kangaroos that bounded around hopped off to a safer spot and the koalas had to find new trees to live in, as the old ones were all knocked down.

In particular, a little green frog, whose home was a lovely leafy tree where the school now is, woke up one morning to the thundering noise of heavy machinery. All the racket frightened the little frog so much that he frantically hopped off towards the little creek near the school. In the creek he found a new home, somewhere to keep him safe while the school and all the houses that surround it, were being built.

The little green frog lived in the creek for four years. He had a happy life, catching and eating lots of juicy bugs and swimming in the little creek. However he got scared sometimes when the big storms came thundering along. His didn’t feel as safe in his new home as he did in his old one. The creek flooded and he was worried about being washed away.

The little green frog was sad. He had loved his old home and wanted desperately to move back. He could see from his tree that there were lots of new houses and the school had grown quickly. It looked like there were lots of lovely green places for him to call home. Sometimes he overheard the children laughing and playing in the nearby park, saying how great their school was and how safe they felt there.

Then one day, the little green frog made a big decision. He decided that it was time that he checked out the school for himself. Perhaps he might find a lovely safe spot to make his home again.

He jumped out of his creek, pass the park, down the road (careful to stay on the footpath) and stopped at the kerb. He looked to the right, then to the left and to the right again, and when the road was clear of traffic he slowly hopped across the road (just as his mother had taught him) and over the fence into the school grounds.

Wow, the little green frog was surprised by how lovely the school looked. No longer were there the big noisy trucks that had scared him away. There were lots of new leafy green trees at the school and the students were welcoming and friendly.

The little green frog was so excited to be back that he decided to stay. He made one of the trees his home (try and find it!) and now feels so safe on the school grounds that he sometimes comes out of hiding to visit the students.

And to show how much the students love the little green frog they named the school houses after his experience - Green tree frog (Nudgee), the little creek he sheltered in (Tarra) and the storms he sheltered from (Coen).

Then the students gave the little green frog a name, Wallum (or Wal for short). Wallum Froglet is an endangered frog that can be found in South East Queensland. The tinkling sound that we sometimes hear in our backyards could be Wal.

He can still be a little bit shy though. So if you see Wal, give him a big hug and make him feel welcome.